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...I'M HANGIN' UP MY PURSE(S ) .....

I don't possess a walk-in closet, or even a large closet (cue violins) ... but I have quite a collection of purses. Some of them are Pieces of Art...

.... like this one....which I posted about here

.... or this one.... which I posted about here

I have run out of room in my measly closet. So what's a girl to do with her fabulous purses?

Designer thinking cap is on.....

... by jove, I've got it! 

I will hang my favourite purses on the wall and display them ... AS ART ... because that is what they are

So I did this little DIY.... on the cheap!

.....ET VOILA....

I haven't mentioned this little beauty. She is a small vintage purse I found at an antique sale and used at my daughter's wedding this past February. Take a look at the clasp and the purse detail.

Fabulous Form and Function
...if I do say so myself. 

(the only thing is, I now have to dust these beauties......and I abhor dusting)